An African Serval is on the Loose in this Ontario Town

Posted by Tori Holmes
Male serval cat (leptailurus serval) sitting on top of cupboard: 5 month old male pet serval Chappie sitting on top of brown cupboard staring away from the camera.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) have issued a warning for the residents in Tiny, Ontario, after an African Serval was spotted on the loose.

Animals of the Felidae biological family, which the African Serval falls within, are not legally allowed to be owned as pets in the town. In fact, no cats other than domestic house cats are permitted.

Unfortunately, many of these cats still end up being sold illegally with price tags upwards of a thousand dollars. And one just escaped.

The cat, named Cassie, is owned by a man in the neighbouring city of Barrie. She escaped from the house while a worker doing renovations failed to close the door properly. Cassie is not used to being outside, which means that she will likely be very nervous and skittish.

Knowing this the OPP are urging residents to not approach the cat, but instead to call the police right away.

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Cassie's owner is hoping that he'll be able to lure her home with a dish of tuna, one of the staples of her diet, but so far no such luck.

If you live in the Tiny area and spot Cassie, call the OPP immediately at 1-888-310-1122.

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An African Serval is on the Loose in this Ontario Town