Pooh the Amputee Cat Rocks Two New Bionic Legs in Groundbreaking Surgery

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When Pooh the cat's hind legs were damaged beyond repair, two bionic legs gave him a new lease on life. 

Pooh the cat has been through a lot. Injured in a collision with a car, Pooh's hind legs couldn't be repaired. But luckily for Pooh, a determined veterinarian came up with a solution: bionic legs. And thanks to a surgery and some creative design, Pooh's hind legs may be artificial, but they work just fine.

This video chronicles Pooh's journey to getting new hind legs. In some cases, a cat such as Pooh would have been euthanized, or perhaps taught to use a wheelchair. While pet wheelchairs can be useful, the pets have to be taught to use them, and some disabled pets just never take to the idea of a wheelchair. But with Pooh's new legs, he can run and play without being restricted.

Take a look at this awesome video.

Thanks to evolving technology, we have more and more resources for disabled or handicapped pets. There are wheelchairs and bionic legs. Vets continue to learn more about how to handle diseases and rare conditions.

After all, our pets will do anything for us. Shouldn't we find ways to give them the best care possible in return?

What do you think of Pooh's new legs? Tell us in the comments below!

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Pooh the Amputee Cat Rocks Two New Bionic Legs in Groundbreaking Surgery