Two Special Texas Dogs Compete in American Humane Hero Dog Awards

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Soldier with military working dog on asphalt road in forest

21 dogs are in the running for the American Humane Hero Dog Awards for their heroic feats, and you can vote for them now! 

21 dogs from all over the country are up for awards which celebrate and honor their incredible acts of heroism and bravery. Called the American Human Hero Dog Awards, the event welcomes all dogs to be recognized in one of seven categories: Law Enforcement/Arson, Service, Therapy, Military, Search and Rescue, Guide/Hearing, and Emerging Heroes ("ordinary dogs who do extraordinary things," according to their official statement.)

Two Texas natives, both found in the Military category, are in the running for top spots in honor of their heroic acts while in active duty.

Suma L469, of Houston, spent nine years working for the U.S. Air Force, five of which were spent in Afghanistan searching for improvised explosives. While serving overseas, Suma is said to have saved between 150-200 lives, both military and civilian. The remaining four years were spend at Lackland AFB, where she helped train a new crop of military dogs, before retiring.


Luca, from Grand Prarie, a retired search and rescue dog, went back into action in 2016 when an elderly Fort Worth man went missing. Overcoming difficult terrain, Luca used her skills to find the man waist-high in mud on a river bank just in the nick of time - officials say that if she hadn't found him when she did, he would have either drowned or died of hypothermia from the cold, high waters of the river.

german shepherd

In addition to Suma and Luca, 19 others are in the running. You can vote for who you think should be named America's top dog by clicking here, where you can see and reach about each heroic pup. Voting runs until 12 p.m. PST on June 28, and top dogs from each category will be announced on July 12.

Who do you think deserves the American Humane Hero Award? Tell us in the comments below!

All photos via American Human Hero Dog Awards

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Two Special Texas Dogs Compete in American Humane Hero Dog Awards