Amazon Boasts That It Will Help Us Completely Understand Pets in a Decade

Posted by Krissy Howard
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Ever wish you could understand what your pet is saying, or even thinking? Science suggests that we may be able to sooner than you may think. 

Most pet owners have probably thought to themselves, "I wonder what she's trying to say" at the sound of a repetitive bark or whine from a four-legged friend, and according to tech giant Amazon, we may be able to decipher such codes in the not-so-distant future.

Consumer futurist William Higham has reportedly been commissioned by the company in connection with their Shop the Future feature, and his work will hopefully lead to technology that can make pet translation devices a real possibility.

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Using research conducted by professor emeritus of biology at the University of Arizona and director of the Animal Language Institute, Con Slobodchikoff, the study of prairie dog vocalizations revealed various "words" used by the species, to differentiate everything from types of predators to the color of a person's shirt.

Slobodchikoff believes that the method of communication used among dogs can be studied in a similar capacity.

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While we may never be able to hold a conversation with our furry friends in the same ways we do with our fellow humans, the possibility of understanding what he or she might be saying may help with certain behavioral issues, not to mention allow us to understand what our particular pet may or may not prefer.

Bingham feels that, with the relationship between pet and owner growing closer every year, and with more and more money being spend on our furry friends, the time to invest in such technology is certainly now.

In addition to translating animal sounds, Bingham also supposes that the devices may be of use to small children, who often misread signals given by dogs, which can sometimes result in a dangerous scenario, as well as for those generally lacking intuition when attempting to interpret a situation involving an animal.

What do you think of Amazon's new project? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Amazon Boasts That It Will Help Us Completely Understand Pets in a Decade