Alpha Dog Nutrition: Dog Supplements for Your Four-Legged Athlete

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alpha dog nutrition
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"Your dog is an athlete. Treat them like one."

That's the Alpha Dog Nutrition slogan and it makes sense if you are working your dog to the point where they need to have important nutrients replenished. Whether that means you take your dog hunting, backpacking, or if they are out in the field herding livestock day to day, Alpha Dog Nutrition supplements help your dog bounce back better.

And why wouldn't we help our dogs after big workouts like we do ourselves? Our four-legged friends are using the same nutrients and working their muscles to the point where they need some extra help. Dog supplements can be that extra help.

alpha dog nutrition

We got to try some out and this is what we thought.

The two supplements that we were sent are two new products from Alpha Dog Nutrition: Free Range and Resurgence. The Free Range supplement is meant to help your dog's joints after rigorous exercise. It contains helpful vitamins and nutrients including glucosamine and Vitamin E. It helps lubricate your dog's joints, promote paw health, and is an anti-inflammatory. If you know you are going on a big hunting trip in a month you can start your dog on a regiment and then maintain the protection thereafter.

The second supplement is called Resurgence and this can be sprinkled onto dog food after any sorts of activity. This product is meant to replenish the nutrients lost during a big walk, a long game of fetch, or a good swim. It will also help with joint support, and prevent hip dysplasia and arthritis.

Both products have beef liver powder as an inactive ingredient to make it tasty for your dog. Powder is a better way to give your dog the correct dosage; you have better control over the amount rather than giving a dog vitamins, a softgel pill, or chewable tablets as a supplement.

While I don't quite hunt my dog Boone, I gave him Resurgence after a weekend-long camping trip where we were swimming and hiking all day. I think we will test the product for longer periods of time, but he did seem to move better the next day and didn't show any signs of stiffness.

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Alpha Dog Nutrition began when founder Joe Scott noticed his hunting dog Trigger was starting to show her age. He wasn't ready to leave Trigger at home on bird hunting trips and took it upon himself to do everything he could to keep Trigger moving well.

After being disappointed with pet supplements in the market, he just decided to create his own. He talked to experts in the dog dietician field; many veterinarians and nutritionists helped create the recipe that is the product today.

Joe was recently featured on the Hunting Dog Podcast with Ron Boehme and he chalked it up to surrounding yourself with people smarter than you to have the ultimate success. And Alpha Dog Nutrition has been seeing success, especially in the hunting dog world.

Fans of the product are happy to see their hunting dogs more sprightly after being on the nutritional supplements.

"I save most of my vacation for grouse season up in northern Wisconsin, and typically hunt for a week at a time with some buddies and their dogs. A week of hunting definitely takes its toll on the dogs, and typically by the end of the week we can only do light hunts. This year I put my dog on Alpha for a few months leading up to the hunt, and it was a night and day difference between my dog and the other dogs that weren't. Don't get me wrong - we still wore her out, but it was very clear she was feeling better than the other dogs a few years younger than her."

-Kevin & his English Setter - Lexi

Joe also stresses in the podcast that these supplements aren't magic, and they aren't an energy supplement. You still have to condition your dog for rigorous activity like you yourself would train for a big race, hike, hunt, or long run.


If you and your dog are true athletes, make sure you both recover and prepare for activity safely. That may mean taking certain supplements and meal planning for yourself and treating your dog to Alpha Dog Nutrition products.

Check out the Alpha Dog Nutrition website to try these products out yourself and check out their super popular hats!

Do you put your dog through rigorous exercise? Have you ever considered supplements? Let us know in the comments below. 

All photos via Mateja Lane

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Alpha Dog Nutrition: Dog Supplements for Your Four-Legged Athlete