Everything You Need to Know About the Siamese Cat

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The Siamese cat is a living work of art.

The Siamese cat is famous for its striking, aristocratic appearance. Its distinctive color pattern, with contrasts between light and dark, has fascinated people around the world since the breed was first discovered in Thailand, formerly known as Siam.

Siamese cats were first exported from Thailand in the late 1800s, and they were first recognized as a breed by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1934. There are different types of Siamese cats, categorized by their colorings.

Despite their look of superiority, Siamese cats are eager to bond with their caregivers and like to receive affection. They are extremely loyal to their owners and always want to be by their side.

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General Appearance

Siamese cats are known for their exotic, regal appearance. Their coloring varies, but their bodies are always a shade of white, light gray, or light brown, while their tails, faces, ears, and legs are a shade of dark brown, dark gray, or black.


 The Siamese has a long body. Its face, neck, legs, and tail are all elongated. Its muscular trunk has a tubular shape.


The Siamese cat has a distinct long nose and chin. Its ears are very large in comparison to its small, pointed head. Its bright blue, almond-shaped eyes are captivating.



A Siamese cat's coat is very short and silky. They do not require much grooming, and while they do shed, the shedding is not as noticeable as with other cat breeds. The color pattern of a Siamese cat's coat complements the long, angular shape of its body.


Because of their wedge-shaped heads, Siamese cats may be more prone to respiratory and dental problems than other cat breeds.



Siamese cats love people and will join you in all your daily activities. They also get along well with other cats, dogs, and kids, though they may get jealous if they are not the center of attention. Siamese cats are highly intelligent and need a lot activities to stay occupied. They can be taught to fetch and do other tricks.

Siamese cats are extremely vocal. They "talk" to you when they are displeased, when they need something, or when they want your attention.

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Body image: Flickr/photodude888

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