All Bun Bun Needs to Have a Good Time is a Pile of Dead Leaves

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This rabbit doesn't need cute toys - a few dead leaves will suffice!

Did you know that rabbits are actually quite playful? Many rabbits love to play with toys, food dishes, and any other items that they happen to find. Rabbits are also highly social, and if they're together in a pair or a group, they'll often play with each other. Playtime is an important part of a rabbit's development, and is essential to a rabbit's health and well-being.

The rabbit in this video, Bun Bun, clearly delights in playing, and she doesn't need any special toys to do it. Instead, Bun Bun thinks that the fall leaves are actually lots of fun to jump into.

You'll notice that she's contained in an outdoor cage that seems to serve as a playpen. It can be a great idea to bring your house rabbits outside for some fresh air, but make sure that you supervise them carefully when you do.

Check out little Bun Bun play in the leaves!

If you choose to bring your rabbit outside, it is best to use a covered hutch to protect the rabbit from predators. Make sure that the hutch is completely secure, and provide your rabbit with some shelter so that he or she feels secure.

Every rabbit needs playtime in order to stay healthy. Playing helps to mentally stimulate rabbits, preventing the boredom that can set in when a rabbit spends part of its life in a cage. Additionally, playtime is important because it gives rabbits much-needed physical exercise. A rabbit which doesn't play often enough may become overweight, depressed, and bored.

If you want to encourage your rabbit to play more, consider giving your rabbit toys, cardboard boxes, and other items to explore.

Or some dead leaves!

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All Bun Bun Needs to Have a Good Time is a Pile of Dead Leaves