Aleppo’s Cat Sanctuary Has Been Destroyed in Airstrikes

Posted by Tori Holmes
Little girl with several cats
Images by Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel via del gattaro d'aleppo/Twitter

The cat sanctuary that gained international attention after its owner, Mohammad, made the decision to stay in war-torn Aleppo to care for the stray and abandoned cats has been destroyed in airstrikes.

The renewed airstrikes in Aleppo this week have taken the lives of over 30 people and destroyed critical infrastructure, including a children's hospital and a blood bank, in addition to the sanctuary and Mohammad's own home.

Destroyed cat sanctuary in Aleppo

Fortunately, Mohammad survived the attack, but many animal lives were lost. Hope, the dog that was known as the sanctuary's mascot, as well as a tabby that been left in Mohammad's care by a young girl when her family fled to Turkey, were two of these victims.

Mohammad and his team were able to move the surviving cats but came under fire at their new location, forcing them to move once again.

White cat with dust-covered fur

Despite the attacks and subsequent moves, pictures and videos posted to social media show Mohammad and the rest of the sanctuary workers back to their daily routines of playing with and caring for the cats.

Dozens of cats eating food

To stay up to date with news from the sanctuary, you can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. On the Facebook page, you can also make a donation, which will be used to build the cats a proper shelter, construct a playground for local children, and purchase food for the cats as well members of the community in need.

Keep up the amazing work, Mohammad and friends - we admire your bravery.

Images by Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel via del gattaro d'aleppo/Twitter

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Aleppo’s Cat Sanctuary Has Been Destroyed in Airstrikes