Albert the Pony Has the Best Christmas Ever

Posted by Paige Cerulli
pony christmas
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Albert the pony knows just what he wants for Christmas, and when Christmas arrives, this lucky pony has the best day ever. 

Meet Albert the pony: Albert is adorable, and he's very excited for Christmas.

In preparation for the big day, Abert writes his letter to Santa. He tells Santa he wants some new boots and a little brother for Christmas. Then, like any good pony, Albert tucks himself into bed and goes to sleep. (Yes, seriously - you have to see this video!)

Come Christmas morning, Albert the pony goes into the living room, hoping to find the gifts he'd asked for under the tree.

Dear Santa......

Albert is a lucky little pony this Christmas! Thank you Cavallo Hoof Boots for their very cute Christmas Presents. Emxx Albert and Ern xx #shetlandpony #pony #hoofboots #barefoot #cavallohoofboots #cavallo #shetland #iphonefilm

Posted by Emma Massingale on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

It looks like Albert has gotten exactly what he asked for! He must have been a good pony this year, unlike some naughty ponies.

How will you make your horse's Christmas special? Will you treat him to a special mash or make sure he gets extra time outside? Maybe you'll meet up with friends to go for a Christmas ride or take some fun Christmas day photos. Whatever you decide to do, we wish you and your horse a very Merry Christmas!


What would your horse's best Christmas be? Tell us in the comments!

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Albert the Pony Has the Best Christmas Ever