Alaska: Where Cats, Foxes, and Bald Eagles are Best Buds

Posted by TF Oren

This is not your average cat video.

This is an Alaska cat video. And in an Alaska cat video, cats have to share the spotlight...with foxes and bald eagles.

This Unalaska, Alaska homeowner doesn't seem the least bit surprised to find her two cats sharing the porch with some unusual company.

There's a bald eagle sitting nonchalantly on her fence and a fox who wants in. Yep, just your average afternoon drop-ins. No big deal.

"Our fox and eagles and cats basically get along just fine here," reads the video description. And from the looks of it, things seem to be peachy keen among these unlikely animal friends:

According to the homeowner, Gizmo the cat wasn't into sharing the porch with the first. But the fox just wouldn't take no for an answer, and came right back after Gizmo told him to get lost.

Who says we can't all get along? Not these guys.

Let's just hope the next addition to this crew of porch pals isn't a grizzly bear. That would be awkward, maybe even...unbearable.

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Alaska: Where Cats, Foxes, and Bald Eagles are Best Buds