Against All Odds, Street Dog with Neck Slashed Open Makes Full Recovery

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Animal Aid Unlimited, India received a call on its helpline about a stray dog with a life-threatening wound on its neck.

The rescue team rushed to the scene, where they found the dog.  His wound was every bit as gruesome as described. A giant gash extended down much of the dog's neck. It was severely infected and required immediate medical attention.

Despite his predicament, the little dog was trusting and friendly, wagging his tail as his rescuers approached.

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The rescue team loaded the dog into the truck and rushed him back to Animal Aid's shelter. There, he began receiving the urgent medical attention he so desperately needed.

First, he was sedated. Then, the team set to work cleaning out the grossly infected wound and removing the dead tissue. Finally, the dog underwent surgery so that the wound could be stitched closed.

Watch this incredible rescue and recovery story unfold:


Miraculously, just two weeks later, the dog, eventually named Toby, was back on his feet, fully recovered!

Thanks to the efforts of Animal Aid Unlimited, Toby is now a happy, healthy boy who will live out his days at the Animal Aid sanctuary, in the company of other rescued animals.

Click here to learn more about Animal Aid's tireless work on behalf of India's street animals and find out how you can help save more precious lives like Toby's.

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Against All Odds, Street Dog with Neck Slashed Open Makes Full Recovery