Dog's Too Friendly for Police Academy, Goes into Politics Instead

Posted by Tori Holmes
Gavel the Vice-Regal Dog
All photos via QLD Governor/Instagram

This dog was fired from the police force for being too friendly but managed to land himself an even better job.

Meet Gavel, the German Shepherd who didn't quite have the tough personality required for a police dog.

Shortly into what was supposed to be a 16-month intensive training program with the Queensland Police Service, Gavel's handlers realized that the little pup was far too social to be a police dog and cut his training short.

While Gavel's career as a police dog didn't quite work out as planned, it did help him get his paw into politics.

During his training, Gavel lived at the residence of the Queensland governor, Paul de Jersey. During his time there, Gov. de Jersey grew quite attached to the perky pup and decided to officially adopt him.

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Once the adoption was official, the governor gave Gavel a new position: Vice-Regal Dog.

In this position, Gavel will be responsible for welcoming guests and tours to the governmental house and having an official presence at ceremonies. He even has a fancy new jacket to wear while on the job!

If you want to stay up-to-date on what's Gavel's been up to, you can follow Gov. de Jersey on Instagram.

Keep up the great work, Gavel! We're glad you've finally found a job you're perfectly suited for.

Tell us what you think of Gavel's new job in the comments below!

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Dog's Too Friendly for Police Academy, Goes into Politics Instead