After Horrific Attack, Goat Able to Walk Again with New Prosthetic Hooves

Posted by Tori Holmes
Lulu the goat with prosthetic legs

After losing her hooves in a horrific attack, this goat is getting her very own set of prosthetic legs.

In November of last year, Lulu had her hooves cut off in an unspeakable attack by a farmer who caught her feeding on his land.

She was rushed to the university vet center in the city of Medellin, Colombia, where vets were able to perform life-saving surgeries.

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For the last eight months, Lulu has been focused on her recovery in the care of the university, who decided to adopt her. She was recently deemed well enough to be fit with her very own pair of prosthetic legs.

Lulu the goat with bandages

Thanks to a company called Animal Fix who fitted Lulu for her prosthetics, she's now able to walk again.

Just look at how happy she is to be taking her first steps!

With the help of these legs, Lulu is ready to prance the next stage of her life - being a spoiled goat loved by university staff.

Best of luck, Lulu. We love your new legs!

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Images via Express

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