After a Heartwarming Rescue, This Pit Bull Now Needs a Forever Home

Posted by Amber King
pit bull rescue

Scared and isolated, this pit bull needed a helping hand.

No one knows how he got there or how long he'd been there, but a pit bull was found living on the side of a highway under the cover of thick brush. He was malnourished, cut up, and unwilling to come out. Good Samaritans in the area were keeping him alive by bringing food and water, but the timid pooch wouldn't let anyone approach him.

But then a non-profit rescue organization in Beverly Hills, California called Hope for Paws got involved. They received a call about a sad-looking pit bull living in isolation, and they set out to bring him home.

Rescuers trekked into the bushes and coaxed the dog out with soothing voices and a handful of treats. Reluctant at first, the dog eventually made its way into the open.

With his tail wagging, the dog, soon-to-be-named Tarzan, let his rescuers show him love and compassion. He didn't object to the leash, but he refused to walk out of the brush on his own. He's finally carried out where he's loaded into a car and taken to the Hope for Paws center.

After a bath, medical treatment, and more love, Tarzan is now a happy pup enjoying life with his foster family. He's still waiting to find his forever home, and if you think you can give that to him, contact Hope For Paws or Road Dogs & Rescue.

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After a Heartwarming Rescue, This Pit Bull Now Needs a Forever Home