Adventure Kitties: 11 Cats on Summer Hikes

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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These felines prove the outdoor life isn't just for the dogs.

Dogs get a lot of credit for being man's best friend and accompanying us humans on wilderness treks. But it's time cats got their time in the spotlight.

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Check out these felines living it up in nature---and loving it!

This cat knows the grass is greener on the other side.

While this guy is the next Ferdinand Magellan.

Scaling trees is no match for this vagabond kitty.

And streams offer only minimal distraction to this meow-meow.

Cats appreciate the beauty in nature.

And understand that sometimes we just need to lie down in the great outdoors.

Even the desert has a lot to offer.

Let's go on an adventure!

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Including bugs, so many bugs.

catching bugs > posing for pictures

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Trips through snow aren't off-limit for this kitty.

Simon is dreading winter....

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Nor is canyon climbing for this happy cat.

He may look grumpy, but we know that's just his face.

A photo of Simba looking out at the beautiful nature in #valdresflya. If you are planning on a trip in Norway, this is a great spot to check out. Do you want to see how it is to travel with two dogs and one cat? A video of our hike will be up next weekend! • • • • #cat #hikingcat #norway #mittnorge #persian #katt #perser #hiking #animalsoftheworld #animalsandfriends #animal #animals #photography #instadaily #tumblr #pets #pet #travelwithpets

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We hope these pictures are proof enough that cats can be great hikers, too!

Be sure to take ample water and encourage your cat to be leash-trained before setting out into the great outdoors with a feline adventurer.

Have you taken your cat on a hiking trip? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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Adventure Kitties: 11 Cats on Summer Hikes