13 Adorable Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Your Dog

Posted by Stacey Venzel
Dog sitting by the christmas tree

Don't forget to invite the dog to your Ugly Christmas Sweater party.

There are plenty of original Ugly Christmas Sweaters for humans at thrift stores, but finding the perfect holiday outfit for your dog can take a bit more research.

Luckily, we've uncovered some delightful, eye-pleasing favorites that are sure to impress your dog's significant other over the Christmas feast.

Extra great news? They'll keep your dog warm amidst the chilly winter weather. Pair them with dog booties and the snow's got nothing on your pooch.

Here are some dog Christmas sweater winners found on Amazon.

1. BOBIBI Pet Holiday Cartoon Reindeer Christmas Dog Sweater

doggy rudolph reindeer sweater

Ranging in size from XS ($10.50) to XL ($10.99), this shirt will make your fluffy reindeer the talk of the Ugly Christmas Sweater party. Limited stock available, so hurry up!

2. Rubies Costume Company Candy Striped Knit Pet Sweater

striped christmas dog sweater

Don't forget to bring the candy cane puppy this Christmas! This sweater comes in XS ($22.59) to L ($22.25). The red pom-pom is sure to keep your dog entertained.

3. Funny Christmas Ugly Christmas Jingle Balls Pet Clothing Beds Fashion

funny dog christmas sweater

Sing "Jingle Bells" with your conveniently clad canine at your side. This little diddy is 100% fleece, so it's sure to keep the pooch warm, too! The price is $18.53 for S, M, or L.

4. DEESEE(TM) Christmas Pet Dog Cat Winter Clothes Puppy Warm Coat Four Legs Lover Cloth Costume

3D doggy christmas sweater

We're not really sure what's happening here but we love it. It kind of looks like your dog rolled in Santa's sleigh strapped in Duct tape.

But it's a winner and only costs $5.99 to $8.49, depending on size S to XXL. Shipping is cheap, too.

5. Pet Clothes,FUNIC Christmas Dog Clothing Cotton T shirt

pet clothes

This cute little t-shirt will be comfy for your dog to rock around the Christmas tree. And it only costs $2.15, which is a price that puts everyone in the holiday spirit.

6. QIYUN.Z ONLY for Small Dogs Casual Four Legs Black White Velvet Snow Deer Christmas Hoodie

dog hoodie winter jacket

Who can resist a pom-pom on a jacket? These reindeer hoodies come in S to L ($10.99) with free shipping. Gray or brown are available. Check out the sizing chart before purchasing!

7. Small Dog Sweater Christmas Cute Teacup Chihuahua Puppy Wear Red Pet Winter Coat Cold Weather Clothes PUPTECK

christmas dog sweater

On sale for $8.99, this cut-off sweater will keep your pooch in the holiday spirit this winter. Only small and medium are in stock.

Three styles are available, but this one is the most Christmassy. Canine model sold separately.

8. Menpet Pet Holiday Christmas Santa Claus Dog Sweater

santa dog sweater

Santa sweaters are always a hit! This get-up has size XXS to XL, ranging in price from $9.90 to $13.90.

It can be a tight fit, so make sure your pooch is comfortable wearing it.

9. BOBIBI Pet Cartoon Christmas Elk Dog Sweater Cat Clothes

doggy christmas sweater

Shout out to Rudolph. This adorable striped onesie is on sale from $9.90 to $10.99, with sizes XS to XL. It fits snugly.

10. New York Dog Ugly Holiday Sweater for Pets

dog rudolph sweater

A 3D reindeer sweater is a holiday classic. Get this one, complete with pom-poms, for your canine at no more than $14.99. Limited sizes available!

11. Ugly Christmas Sweater Santa Suit Dog Sweater

santa dog sweater

Get your pooch to say Ho-Ho-Ho this Christmas. Sizes XS ($6) to L ($39.99) for the big dogs are available.

12. DEESEE(TM) Christmas Pet Dog Christmas Snowman Clothes Puppy Winter Sweater Costume Coat

snowman dog sweater

Don't forget Frosty this Christmas! This adorable outfit ranges from XS ($5.19) to XL ($8.59).

13. PetBoBo Pet Dog Cat Christmas Costumes Suit

santa dog costume

This two-piece Santa suit will make your party guests do a double-take. Sizes range from XS ($13.99) to XL ($17.99) with free shipping!

Who knew there were so many doggy Christmas sweaters? Pose them in front of the Christmas tree and you have yourself a great holiday season card.

Make your dog the life of the ugly sweater office work party with one of these tasteful holiday get-ups.

Does you pooch don dog apparel? Tell us in the comments. 

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13 Adorable Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Your Dog