Kittens Make Cutest Audience for This Musician

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This musician may have anticipated playing for a human audience, but these adorable kittens stole the show. 

If you've ever thought that cats don't like music, think again. This street musician in Malaysia was partway through his set when he was unexpectedly joined by these adorable kittens.

As you can see, the kittens became quite entranced with his playing, focusing solely on him despite the surrounding activity. Luckily a quick-thinking audience member thought to capture the moment on film.

The scene is too cute for words...

Some cats, like these adorable kittens, exhibit a natural fondness for music. When I play certain upbeat pieces on my flute, one of my cats delightedly races around the house. You may notice that certain types of music make your cat relax, and if you play a musical instrument, the movement paired with the music may capture your cat's attention.

But music isn't the only thing that will get your cat's attention. There are a number of CDs that you can purchase which feature bird songs intended to entertain cats. One composer has recently set out to compose music specifically for cats, with rhythms and frequencies which naturally appeal to your cat's senses. Leaving a radio on lightly in the background can help to soothe and reassure your cat when you have to leave him home alone.

And if music isn't enough, there's always cat TV. You can purchase DVDs to play on your TV full of entertaining sights and sounds designed to catch your cat's attention. There are also countless apps for your tablet or phone which will help to entertain your cat. Clearly cats can benefit from some of the advantages of our modern technology, too.

Do you find that your cats enjoy music like the adorable kittens in this video?

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Kittens Make Cutest Audience for This Musician