Maymo the Beagle Falls in Love with Huge Stuffed Animal

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Many dogs have favorite toys, but we'll bet that they don't love them quite as much as Maymo loves his huge stuffed animal. 

Maymo is one lucky dog. Not only is he clearly adored by his owners, he also made a new friend.

Maymo received a giant stuffed animal - a gorilla - as a gift, and the two instantly became fast friends. Now, they do everything together, including hanging out on the couch, lying around the house, and even playing Scrabble.

While many dogs love a good stuffed animal toy, Maymo's stuffed animal is a step above and beyond. This giant stuffed gorilla is larger than Maymo is, but that just makes it perfect for cuddling.

Take a look at the video below to see the moment that Maymo met his stuffed gorilla, and watch this adorable relationship form.

Want to give your dog a stuffed animal toy? There are a few important things you should know first. Some dogs are incredibly tough on stuffed animals. They tear into them and quickly pull the stuffing out.

Because of this, you need to supervise your dog around stuffed animals. If your dog ingests the stuffing or the squeaker contained in many stuffed toys, it could potentially cause an intestinal blockage. Make sure that the stuffed animal stays intact and remove it from your dog if he manages to open it up.

It's also important to choose a stuffed animal which is appropriately sized for your dog. If you have a larger dog, be sure to choose a larger stuffed animal so that it isn't a choking hazard.

Many pet stores offer special stuffed animal dog toys, some of which are made of extra-durable fabric to help them withstand a dog's chewing and playing. Still, always monitor your dog to make sure that he stays safe with his toys.

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Maymo the Beagle Falls in Love with Huge Stuffed Animal