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Adoption Center Exclusively for Senior Pets in Illinois Opens


Have you ever adopted a senior pet from a shelter? The average age of the pets that live at this new adoption center is 11-years-old. These people are the BEST to open an adoption center for seniors only.

The facility just opened at the end of September in Illinois and it's called, Young at Heart Senior Pet Adoptions. 

The Woodstock Independent tells us that the founder's goal was to open a facility where senior dogs and cats could be readied for adoption or given sanctuary to live out their last days in comfort and security.

"This is the first facility for senior dogs and cats in the Midwest." 

Young at Heart's dogs and cats come from open-admission shelters in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Unfortunately, because of a constant influx of animals, those shelters euthanize pets to create space for new arrivals according to the article.


"Seniors are usually the first to go," said Jen Porter, assistant director for Young at Heart.

As we all know there are so many reasons seniors are given up to shelters. These include medical costs, elderly owners that can't care for their animals anymore, and many times when a family moves away.

They're MOVE-IN ready! Just think, seniors are house-broken and they have manners. Sometimes they just don't "show" very well at a shelter and look terrified (they are) and then the younger dog in the kennel next to them gets adopted before they even have a chance to say hello.

If you're looking for an older new best friend then look no further than the senior citizens at this new facility. There are so many adoptable dogs and cats waiting for a loving family. They will be able to handle 50 pets. There are tons of adoption events already listed on their Facebook page.

For more information, call 847-529-2025.


We hope they have back and neck roller massage products for seniors! I just bought one for Sherm.

Have you ever adopted a senior pet? Please leave us a comment below!

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