Accident in Kansas City Spurs Petition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages

Posted by TF Oren

Horse-drawn carriages are a tourist favorite in many cities. 

However, the use of these carriages in urban settings has caused some controversy between city officials and animal welfare advocates.

Kansas City is the site of the most recent incident involving a horse-drawn carriage. On the evening of Saturday, December 3, a horse pulling a carriage on the Country Club Plaza spooked and ran into oncoming traffic before crashing the carriage into a wall.

A woman was thrown from the carriage. Two other people, including the driver, were hospitalized with injuries, and the horse was injured as well.

The following day, a group called Animal Action of Kansas City launched a petition to ban horse-drawn carriages on the Plaza. The petition was launched on, and already has nearly 17,000 signatures.

"Horse-drawn carriages are inherently inhumane," reads the petition. "Carriage horses are not mentally or physically capable of being surrounded by vehicle traffic and noxious fumes. It is not safe for horses, their passengers, motorists, or pedestrians."

According to the petition, a number of major cities including Biloxi, Las Vegas, Reno, Santa Fe, and Panama City, among others, have banned horse-drawn carriages.

You can access the Kansas City petition to ban horse-drawn carriages here.

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Accident in Kansas City Spurs Petition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages