7 Accessories That Any Reptile Lover Would Love

Posted by Samantha Bubar

Animal lovers of all kinds want to show off their passion with accessories, even reptile lovers.

There are plenty of shirts and accessories that highlight love for dogs, cats, and furry pets. But what about reptiles? Reptile keepers love their scaly companions just as much as any pet owner.

Here are seven accessories perfect for every reptile lover!

1. Fire Skink Stud Earrings

Etsy/The Eyes of the Forest

These unique handmade stud earrings will not only showcase a love of reptiles, but also brighten any outfit! They are sure to strike up a conversation about your love of reptiles.

2. Sssstriking Silver Snake Pendant


This beautiful statement pendant is sure to show off your love of snakes! It could be dressed up or dressed down and would be a perfect addition to any ensemble.

3. Reptile Dads Need Accessories, Too!


For any formal or casual event, men love reptiles, too! This tie comes in a wide variety of colors and widths to tailor to any style or event!

4. A Gecko Close By


For those who want to display their reptilian love but don't want to wear it, why not put it on your keys? This keychain is always close by, and striking enough to always be a conversation piece!

5. Accessorize Your Home with Chameleon Curtains!

Etsy/Artfully Feathered

It isn't just your outfit that needs accessories! Accessorize your home with your love of reptiles, too!

A cheery addition to any room, these curtains keep light out while keeping your decor nice and bright. With all those colors, they're sure to match something.

6. Classy Antique Turtle Decor


Keep your table or mantle classy with these fancy antique turtle candle holders. Perfect for family dinner or a party, they are sure to get your love of reptiles noticed!

7. Don't Forget Your Office!


You spend so much time at the office that it's important to make sure that your work space is full of things you love as well. That includes reptiles! This artsy gold print is sure to inspire your work day.

Whether it is your wardrobe, your living space, or your work environment, the key to happiness is making sure you are surrounded by things you love.

If you love reptiles, show it off!

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7 Accessories That Any Reptile Lover Would Love