Abused Paintball Horse Dies After Being Rescued by Jon Stewart

Posted by Amber King
Penn Live

Lily, the horse found abused and abandoned and later adopted by Jon and Tracey Stewart, has died a few weeks after moving into her new home.

Earlier this year, the 20 to 25-year-old Appaloosa/Arabian mix was found at the New Holland Sales Stables covered in bruises and paint. She was underweight, malnourished, and suffered from multiple injuries--one that lead to the loss of her left eye.

Thanks to representatives from the SPCA and the Omega Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, Lily was saved from probable slaughter and cared for by a team of veterinarians at the New Bolton Center. She spent several weeks in recovery while she gained weight and adjusted to the loss of her eye.


It was later learned that Lily served as a lesson horse until her owner deemed her to be too old to be useful. The Rhode Island man she hired to dispose of the horse was ordered to pay more than $13,000 in fines and restitution.

In May, animal advocate and former host of the "Daily Show," Jon Stewart, and his wife, Tracey, stepped forward to offer Lily a new and loving home. The couple owns an animal sanctuary farm in Middletown, New Jersey, and Lily joined a group of other rescued animals on the 12-acre facility.


Lily's time with the Stewarts was cut short, however, when she stumbled and injured her neck on Monday. Tracey Stewart posted on Facebook saying,

The Stewarts made sure that Lily's life in her final days were significantly more comfortable than before her adoption. They will continue saving animals at their farm animal rescue.

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Abused Paintball Horse Dies After Being Rescued by Jon Stewart