Abused Cat and Rescued Lizard Become Unlikely BFFs

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A good friend makes life so much better.

Just ask Din Din and Joanna.

"Din Din is a grump who hates all other living creatures besides me...She trusts very few people due to the fact that she was abused as a kitten. She was passed around homes for a while because no one could deal with her attitude so we decided to take her in and try to make her happy," says Din Din's owner and rescuer, Kimi Joyner.

Din Din bonded with Joyner, but aggressively disliked all the other animals Joyner fostered in their home. Joyner didn't think Din Din would ever meet another creature she liked.

Then Joanna entered the picture.

Joanna was a bearded dragon living in a home where she was being mistreated. She became aggressive as a result, and, like Din Din, couldn't trust or get along with anyone.

Joyner offered to adopt Joanna, knowing full well Din Din would likely not approve. She went ahead and took in Joanna anyway.

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"I had no intention of the two ever really interacting but it happened by accident when I had Joanna out wandering and Din Din suddenly came up to sniff her," said Joyner.

Joyner feared that Din Din and Joanna would attack each other. On the contrary, the two girls slowly bonded.

"It started as tentative curiosity, but now they love each other," Joyner says.

Since joining the Joyner household, Joanna's personality has completely changed. She's trusting and friendly, and loves to cuddle with both Joyner and Din Din.

Din Din and Joanna's curious beginnings have blossomed into a full-blown friendship. They follow each other around the house, and Din Din waits by Joanna's cage when Joanna is inside it. They play together, nap together, and snuggle with each other.

Joyner is blown away by the relationship between the two. And while Din Din is still fundamentally distrusting, her friendship with Joanna is slowly exposing a friendlier side.

If you'd like to keep up with this unlikely pair, you can follow them on Instagram.

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Abused Cat and Rescued Lizard Become Unlikely BFFs