Abandoned Kittens Found Trapped in Cardboard Box Will Need New Homes

Posted by Amber King
cardboard box and kitten
All images via The Mayhew Animal Home

A box left sitting by a London bus stop wasn't all it seemed to be.

When a good Samaritan first spotted the cardboard box complete with silver duct tape, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. But when they got closer, they heard desperate meows and sounds of movement. After ripping off the tape and lifting the flaps, the passerby found three terrified kittens cowering inside.

It was one of the hottest days of early summer, and the trapped kittens needed immediate veterinary attention. They were brought to The Mayhew Animal Home in London, and rescuers got to work helping the abandoned babies.

After a quick check with the vet, it was determined that despite the extreme heat and not knowing how long they had been trapped, the 11-week-old kittens were in good health.

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Shelter staff named the lucky trio James, Jenny, and Jackie and welcomed them to their temporary home at the shelter. Animal Welfare Officer Tania Mazzoni said;

"At The Mayhew we are dedicated to helping hundreds of people in crisis situations every year. We wish whoever had abandoned the poor kittens had contacted us first, so we could help. We are here to help and advice on the best course of action for the animal, no matter what the problem is."

Now that they're safe and free from the terrible confines of their cardboard prison, James, Jenny, and Jackie are enjoying their second chance at life.

They're playful and curious and looking forward to finding forever homes. Once the kittens are spayed/neutered, they will be available for adoption.

kittens playing

Mayhew Animal Home is committed to helping as many cats and kittens as they can, but their stock of kitten food is dangerously low. If you'd like to help James, Jackie, Jenny, and countless kittens just like them, consider donating through the shelter's Amazon Wishlist.

What do you think of the kittens trapped in a cardboard box? Let us know in the comments.

All images via The Mayhew Animal Home

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Abandoned Kittens Found Trapped in Cardboard Box Will Need New Homes