Behind Every Great Horse Lies a Dedicated Team of Equestrians

Posted by Paige Cerulli

A great horse is the culmination of factors like training and care, but he's also the product of the efforts of a great team of people. 

It takes a lot to bring along a great horse. It takes skill and knowledge, and excellent care and training. It also takes patience and time and positive experiences, all of which contribute to the horse's character and knowledge. It also takes a bit of luck.

But there's something even more important that goes into the making of a great horse, and that's a great team of people. This video pays homage to the many people who go into the creation of a great racehorse, including the owner, breeder, foal handler, trainer, rider, jockey, and more. When you think about it, a horse is the product of the efforts of many different humans, some of whom never even meet each other.

This video provides a beautiful look at the creation of a great racehorse - even if it also happens to be an ad for Guinness.

Any great horse needs a team of people behind him, even if he's not a racehorse. Your average riding horse needs a vet, a farrier, an owner, and often a trainer. Earlier in his life, he'll have needed a breeder, a foal handler, and riders to help train him. Horses tend to work with many, many different people in their lives. And if those people are skilled, kind, and patient, they can help to sculpt the horse into the best that he can possibly be.

Don't forget to thank the team that helps with your horse. It's always important to verbally thank your trainer, farrier, barn manager, and vet for the tireless work that they do. But it's also a nice touch to send a thank-you note or gift every now and again. After all, you and your horse depend on having that great team behind you time and time again.

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Behind Every Great Horse Lies a Dedicated Team of Equestrians