Shelter Cat Found His Forever Home After 13 Years Thanks to Social Media

Posted by Tori Holmes

After hearing about a cat that had been up for adoption for 13 years, a shelter volunteer took to social media to find him a home.

Unfortunately, if a cat is skittish or nervous around humans, it greatly decreases their chances of being adopted. Archie, a feral kitten who was brought to Mid Hudson Animal Aid in Beacon, New York, has spent his entire life in the shelter, passed over by countless adopters who were looking for a cuddlier cat to bring home.

Archie loved spending time with other cats in the shelter, particularly a deaf, toothless, and half-blind Siamese named Eddie that shelter volunteer Jennifer Blakeslee had recently adopted. After Eddie went to his forever home Archie became very withdrawn and lonely.


When Blakeslee learned that Archie had spent his entire life with the rescue, she made it her goal to have him in his forever home by Christmas. To do this, she wrote a "Dear Santa" letter from Archie explaining all he wanted this Christmas was a place to call home.

Jennifer's post went viral, eventually catching the attention of Jennifer Baird in Chicago, Illinois. Baird had extensive experience with feral cats and was happy to open her doors to another.


Due to his age, vets and shelter staff agreed that the best way for Archie to get to his new home was by car. There was no shortage of volunteers to do the drive and a YouCaring campaign raised the necessary funds, plus more, to cover the cost of the trip. All leftover funds were donated back to the shelter that cared for Archie throughout his life.


Finally at his forever home, Archie is coming out of his shell and getting to know his new fur siblings. If Archie's adoption story teaches us anything, it's that it's never too late for a fresh start.

Have a great new life in Chicago, Archie!

All images via Mother Nature Network.

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Shelter Cat Found His Forever Home After 13 Years Thanks to Social Media