New Museum Dedicated to House Cats Opens in North Carolina

Posted by Tori Holmes
American Museum of the House Cat
American Museum of the House Cat

Cat lovers, we have found your new favorite museum and it's located in Sylva, North Carolina.

In April of this year, Harold Sims opened the nation's only house cat museum: American Museum of the House Cat. Known fondly around Sylva as "The Cat Man," Sims is a retired college professor and cat shelter owner who dreamed of sharing his collection of cat-related items with other cat lovers.

"My mission now is to display my collection in a museum where these items can be shared and enjoyed by all cat lovers, and provide a place where everyone can learn more about the house cat," explains Sims on the Animal People Forum.

A trip to the American Museum of the House Cat will teach you everything you need to know about the history of the house cat- its roots, global migration, and relationships with humans through the ages.

fluffy Persian kitten walking on the piano

Nothing short of quirky, the museum holds Sims' personal collection of over 10,000 cat-related artifacts including a petrified cat pulled from a 16th century English chimney. There are also slightly less scary items, including antique cat toys and a hand-carved carousel kitty.

Tours through the museum are self-guided, but Sims is there most days to share interesting facts about the various items.

For more information and to plan your trip, you can visit the museum website or call 828-293-0892.

Are you planning a trip to the American Museum of the House Cat? Let us know in the comments below!

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