New Georgia Bill Could De-Regulate the Sale of Hedgehogs

Posted by Tori Holmes

Owning an African Pygmy Hedgehog in Georgia is currently prohibited without a wildlife permit, but a potential new bill could de-regulate hedgehog ownership in the state.

The current law in Georgia bans hedgehogs as pets due to the chance they may transmit illnesses such as foot-and-mouth disease and rabies, in addition to other fungal and viral diseases to the state's domestic species and wildlife.

The USDA-licensed breeder Paradise Valley Farm is one of those within the state that are in support of lifting the ban on the sale of hedgehogs within the state, especially if the sole reason is the concern of disease. Not once in their breeding history have they had an issue with disease and the same is likely to be true with any reputable breeder.

However, if the bill does pass those interested in owning a hedgehog should still do serious research before bringing one home as a pet.

What do you think - should Georgia join the 47 other states where hedgehog ownership is legal? Let us know in the comments!

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New Georgia Bill Could De-Regulate the Sale of Hedgehogs