A Look Inside the World of Female Polo Players

Posted by Paige Cerulli

While polo is a sport that has been primarily dominated by men, this video provides a fascinating look into the world of female polo players. 

When you visualize the sport of polo, you likely think about teams of male riders galloping across the field. And for many years, that's exactly what polo has consisted of. But female polo players are becoming more and more common, with teams dedicated entirely to female riders. In a sport where courage, skill, and lightning-fast reflexes are a must, women are proving themselves to be fierce competitors.

This video provides a great look inside the world of female polo players. Here, some top riders sit down and discuss what it is that they love about the sport of polo. They show off some of their skills, talk about what it takes to play polo, and mention how a polo game can take you away from the world.

And oh yeah, they talk about the horses, too! Take a look.

You'll find that when the riders in the video talk about what they love about polo, the horses are a common theme. Talented polo horses are a breed apart from other competition horses. Good polo horses have to be incredibly fit, fast, athletic, and agile. They need to be able to make fast, tight turns, and they need to accelerate and come to sudden stops repeatedly during a game.

More importantly, polo horses need to be highly responsive and tuned in to their riders. The riders have to be able to focus on hitting the polo ball, so the horses need to respond to the rider using her legs and a single hand to steer the horse. Good polo horses start to anticipate what their riders will ask of them, almost as if they innately understand the goal of the game.

These horses are full of heart, which makes competing in a polo match an enthralling and addictive experience.

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A Look Inside the World of Female Polo Players