Ryan Siddle: A Look at the Life of a Blacksmith

Posted by Paige Cerulli

The life of a blacksmith isn't easy, but many people wouldn't trade it for the world, including Ryan Siddle. 

A blacksmith is an important partner in keeping your horse sound and healthy. Blacksmiths, sometimes referred to as farriers, are responsible for trimming horses' hooves, creating and shaping horseshoes, and attaching the shoes to the horses' hooves. And while it might seem like a dream to work around horses every day, being a blacksmith isn't easy at all.

The video below gives us a look into the life of blacksmith Ryan Siddle. Siddle discusses his passion for blacksmithing, but he also talks honestly about how being a blacksmith is trying on the body. Blacksmiths do hard work, and the profession can be dangerous, especially when working on young or hot horses. Take a look at this inspiring video and see what keeps Siddle going.

Do you think that a blacksmith career is right for you? You'll need to be prepared for the physical demands of the profession. Blacksmiths work in all weather, and you'll constantly be on the road, traveling from barn to barn. But at the same time, it can be highly rewarding to work with many different horses, keeping their hooves healthy and in great condition.

If you're serious about becoming a blacksmith or farrier, see if you can shadow some blacksmiths for a while. Shadowing farriers can give you a detailed look at exactly what the profession requires, and this can help to confirm whether it's a profession that you'd enjoy.

Once you're sure that becoming a farrier is for you, it will be time to go to school. Look for a good, quality school to get your education from. You'll likely work as an apprentice after, and will always want to attend continuing education workshops and seminars.

If you're driven and love the work, then becoming a blacksmith might be just right for you.

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Ryan Siddle: A Look at the Life of a Blacksmith