A Little Help Here? Grizzly Cub Tussles with Stubborn Scallop

Posted by TF Oren

Does it still count as playing with your food if, technically, your food is playing with you?

That was certainly the question of the hour for this grizzly cub that found itself in a frustrating predicament.

Here this little bear thought it was in for an easy lunch. Not so. Lunch had ideas of its own and clamped itself down on the cub's claw.

No matter what the cub tried, the stubborn scallop stayed put. To make matters worse, mom and the birds were no help at all.

Watch this grizzly cub go at it with an uncooperative scallop:

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What do you think of this little cub's clingy dilemma? Let us know in the comments section below!

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