A Kitty Castle Might Be Perfect for Your Indoor-Only Cat

Posted by Paige Cerulli
All images courtesy of DaniReads via imgur

If your indoor cat is feeling a bit cooped up, then we may have found the solution: a kitty castle. 

Sometimes it's important that we keep our cats indoors and don't let them outside. Depending on where you live, outdoor dangers like predators and busy roads can threaten your cat's life. But when imgur user DaniReads realized that her indoor cats would benefit from some outside time, she came up with a solution: a kitty castle.

The kitty castle consists of an area outside of the house which is fully enclosed with a wire cage to keep the cats enclosed and protected from predators. The frame is built with pressure-treated wood, and allows the cats to enjoy some outdoor time safely.

Complete with a large lounging area, a tunnel, and areas for the cats to climb, it's sure to give the cats some additional exercise and a change of scenery. Take a look!

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The kitty castle is a great way to compromise with your cat if he wants to go outdoors but it isn't safe for him to do so. Your kitty castle doesn't have to be as large or complex as this one; even a small enclosed space where your cat can go outside will give him some fresh air and a chance to explore the outdoors a bit.

If you do build an enclosure for your cat, make sure that you choose a strong wire mesh which can keep predators and other animals away from your cats. The wire should be securely attached to the frame so that your cats can't work their way out and predators can't work their way in.

What do you think? Will you be building your cats a castle of their own?

All images courtesy of DaniReads via imgur

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A Kitty Castle Might Be Perfect for Your Indoor-Only Cat