Regular Mozart: Bet You've Never Seen a Horse Play a Keyboard

Posted by Paige Cerulli

It's a well-known fact that horses like music, but this horse displays an unusual and impressive talent at playing the keyboard. 

Horses have many unusual talents. Some like to paint, while others have mastered letting themselves out of any latched stall door. But this horse has an unusual talent: playing the keyboard. And we have to say, he does it incredibly well.

We're not sure how this horse discovered his talent, or who thought to put a keyboard in front of him. Maybe his owner noticed that he was a bit mouthy and put two and two together. Who knows? But we're sure glad that this horse's musical talent was discovered. Take a look.

This horse seems to really enjoy playing the keyboard. What do you think his favorite song is? "Born to Run?" "Run for the Roses?" "Wildfire?"

Some horses tend to be more mouthier than others. Like this horse, they like to wiggle their noses and enjoy having things in their mouths, even if they're not edible. Mouthy horses often chew on lead ropes and crossties, and they may try to chew on you if they're left unchecked. Sometimes this mouthiness can be a way of a horse emotionally coping with stress, but other times it seems to be a habit that lasts through a horse's life.

If you have a mouthy horse, providing him with an appropriate outlet can help. Give him some stall toys that he can play with safely. Or, try giving him a keyboard - you never know what will happen.

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Regular Mozart: Bet You've Never Seen a Horse Play a Keyboard