A Final Ride: 87-Year-Old Equestrian's Wish Is Granted

Posted by Allie Layos

You won't see anything more beautiful today than this 87-year-old equestrian taking her final horseback ride. 

Thanks to the Hidden Desires project, 87-year-old Parkinson patient Verborgen Verlangens had her deepest wish granted -- she got to take one last horseback ride.

Based in the Netherlands, Hidden Desires is an initiative of The Care Group and Green Cross Members Organization, and specializes in bringing joy to nursing home patients by granting small wishes.

Previous wishes have included enjoying a final sports game, a visit to a patient's hometown for one last ice cream cone, and a beauty salon day before a visit with the grandchildren.

But for Verlangens, an accomplished equestrian in her youth, it was all about the horses. She got to visit with multiple horses, feed them treats, and then even got to ride thanks to the help of a special contraption and some dedicated people.

Her smile makes it clear: when she feels the horses' swinging movement underneath her again, she feels home.

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A Final Ride: 87-Year-Old Equestrian's Wish Is Granted