'A Dog's Purpose' Is a New Movie That Will Bring All Canine Lovers to Tears

Posted by Amber King
A Dog's Purpose

Grab a box of tissues (or two) and watch the trailer for the upcoming Universal film, "A Dog's Purpose."

Universal Studios celebrated National Dog Day in the best way possible by introducing the trailer to a film that perfectly expresses how we all feel about our dogs.

"A Dog's Purpose" is the new film based off the best-selling novel of the same title by W. Bruce Cameron. It explores the idea that while your canine companion may only be a part of your life for a short time, his presence is more than mere circumstance.

The trailer starts by asking, "What is the purpose of life?" The preview follows a Josh Gad-voiced pooch as he lives, dies, and is born again into the body of another dog. The process repeats as his canine body inevitably fails far sooner than the humans' who grow to love him. It's a process of continual heartache steered by the forces of fate.

The pup lives many lives and serves several different purposes, but as the trailer suggests, there's a deeper meaning behind each story.

Dennis Quaid and  Lasse Hallström serve as the human stars of the film that will undoubtedly have you laughing, crying, and pulling your pup a little closer. Mark your calendars now, because your new favorite movie, "A Dog's Purpose," is set to come out on January 27, 2017.

Will you be seeing this movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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'A Dog's Purpose' Is a New Movie That Will Bring All Canine Lovers to Tears