A Definitive Guide to All the Foods Your Horse Can and Cannot Eat

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Are you a horse owner?

If you're reading this article, then chances are you are, or you're planning on being one in the future. If you are a horse owner, then how much do you really know about what your horse can and can't eat?

Hopefully you have a rough idea of things horses definitely can't eat, but there's a chance you're allowing your horse to munch on "treats" that might be doing more harm than good. As well as being aware of what you can and can't feed your horse, it's also essential to know about the plants and flowers your horse might eat when they're outside.

The below infographic from Country & Stable aims to provide just such information to horse owners. It features a list of foods that may be harmful for your horse, including items you should definitely steer away from, such as rhubarb and chocolate, as well as foodstuffs that are okay in moderation but might be worth limiting, like garlic.

Another incredibly helpful part of the graphic is a list of plants, flowers, and foliage that should be avoided. We can control what we feed our horses, but we can't always have as much control over what they eat out in the field. Some plants are exceptionally poisonous, small amounts are enough to kill, so it's important you're well versed. Some are quite obvious (deadly nightshade, for instance), while some might be new to you - buttercups and acorns, perhaps?

Have a read through the infographic and hopefully it teaches you a little something, helping to keep your horse healthier and reducing the chances of your horse becoming ill because of what they eat.

what to feed your horse inforgraphic
Country & Stable

Of course, if you think your horse has been poisoned or eaten something they shouldn't have, the best thing to do is contact your vet immediately.

Did you know about these foods? Tell us in the comments below. 

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A Definitive Guide to All the Foods Your Horse Can and Cannot Eat