A Compilation of Dogs in Beds Because Everyone's Ready for the Weekend

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you're ready for the weekend, then this funny compilation of dogs in beds will have you ready to kick back and relax when Saturday gets here. 

Dogs are known for being man's best friend, but they're also masters of being lazy and taking long naps. Nothing demonstrates that better than these dogs in beds. These dogs find the best place in the house for a nice nap, and then they claim it.

Has your dog mastered the lazy, lie-in-bed-all-day attitude? Some of these dogs look like they wouldn't get up for anything in the world. Take a look at this fun video!

Many of these dogs' owners let them hang out in their beds. Whether or not you want to allow your dog in bed with you is a personal decision, but you'll want to consider what may happen if you do allow your dog in your bed. Dogs can be restless sleepers, and if your dog jumps onto and off of the bed repeatedly during the night, you may not sleep well. Some dogs are also bed hogs, and your dog could potentially bring fleas into your bed.

Still, having your dog there during the night can be reassuring, and many people allow their dogs in their beds with no problem. It will partially depend on your preferences, as well as on your dog's behavior and habits.

And if you decide not to allow your dog on your bed, you can still give him a comfortable place to sleep. There are tons of dog beds to choose from, and your dog will likely appreciate a special space all of his own.

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A Compilation of Dogs in Beds Because Everyone's Ready for the Weekend