A Belgian Draft Horse Goes to the Farrier and Has Some Major Work Done

Posted by Mateja Lane

Cleaning a horse's hooves is important. That's why we shoe our horses, and talented farriers can get the job done. 

A horse's hooves should be picked after every ride or day in the field. When too much mud, dirt, or debris get stuck in that v-shaped part of the hoof, there is potential for your horse to become lame.

Jorgen Briers is a farrier in Belgium and he puts shoes on horses, trims their hooves, and cleans their undersides.

This Belgian draft horse needed a serious manicure and Briers comes to the rescue.

That is one big horse that needs to stay still. How heavy do you think that leg was to hold up?

It may look like it hurts, what with the grinder and all, but a horse's hooves are keratin, like our own fingernails.

Who knows why this horse's hooves were so damaged, but when you need some serious farrier work done, call the Muscles from Brussels. He hacks the mud out of the grooves in the hooves, being careful of the frog (the sensitive part). He clips the nails and grinds them down. Finally, he shoes your horse with precision and care.

It is quite the job!

The Muscles from Brussels will get your horse in tip-top shape, no matter what its hooves look like.

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A Belgian Draft Horse Goes to the Farrier and Has Some Major Work Done