A Baby Bunny Unboxing Surprise!

Posted by TF Oren

We all know the thrill of cracking open the box for a brand new gadget. The sound of crinkling shrink wrap, the glossy cardboard packaging, the new toy smell...it doesn't get much better.

Actually, it does.

What if you opened your brand new iPhone box and found a baby bunny instead? A precious, pink-nosed, fluffy white bun-bun, just waiting to be picked up and loved on. And since we're dreaming here, what if it happened not once, not twice, but three times?!

Three words: best surprise EVER.

This is the 21st century version of pulling a rabbit out of a hat, and it's magical every time you watch it.

One of these babies is up and out of his box in no time. His pal isn't so sure, though. He has to have a thorough sniff around before he's convinced it's safe to leave his sturdy iPhone box fort.

Can't blame the little guy for being cautious. When you're tiny enough to fit neatly into an iPhone box, the world is an imposing place.

After seeing this, you know there's some small part of you that's secretly (or not so secretly) hoping that the next time you upgrade, your new "phone" will have a wiggling nose, pink ears, and tiny little paws.

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A Baby Bunny Unboxing Surprise!