90 Animals Seized by Texas Health Inspector Claiming Shelter Was Dirty with No Air Conditioning

Posted by Mateja Lane
Photos via RUG Activity Animal Shelter/Facebook

89 cats and one dog were seized from a no-kill shelter in Florence, Texas. 

A Texas state inspection revealed Reliant Upon God Activity Center Animal Shelter (RUG) in Williamson County was not very clean and did not have working air conditioning, which can be fatal especially in the Texas heat. The inspection has resulted in an animal cruelty investigation by the animal control department in the county.

The report also claims that the shelter had cages that were too small for the cats and that the grounds were covered in trash, with more feral cats roaming around.

The 29 cats and one dog that were housed at the no-kill shelter have been taken to Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter in Georgetown until the investigation has been resolved.

The man who runs the RUG Animal Shelter, Daniel Hoch, has denied allegations. He explained to officials that the health inspector arrived at his shelter before he was able to clean the litter boxes for the morning of March 15. He also claims that the the animals are kept in a kennel area and steel building that does indeed have working air conditioning.

Hoch runs the shelter by himself and since it is a nonprofit, he works for free. His father is a junk collector and pays for the shelter's expenses, and while Hoch has appealed to the city for funding they have not received any.

Most of the RUG animals came from the euthanasia list at Copperas Cove animal control, but 180 were adopted over the course of last year. Hoch explained that the shelter was recently overflowed by cats when a pet store in Killeen had to close its doors.

The RUG Animal Shelter goes to court on Monday.

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Photos via RUG Activity Animal Shelter/Facebook

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90 Animals Seized by Texas Health Inspector Claiming Shelter Was Dirty with No Air Conditioning