Collage of pet-themed valentine's day card

9 Valentine's Day Cards That Any Pet Lover Will Appreciate


Finding the words to express your feelings on Valentine's Day can be hard, but fear not - if your partner is a pet lover these cards have you covered.

Valentine's Day is coming up! Do you have a Valentine card yet?

We'll help you out, because if you love animals then your significant other is bound to too. Here are some cute cards made by artists on Etsy for animal lovers everywhere.

1. This adorable play on words.

Barking mad for you valentine's day cardAvailable from @ForeverFoxed


2. For those who think actions speak louder than words.

Booping turtles valentine's day cardAvailable from @Wonderflies.

3. For those who don't feel the need to romanticize pet ownership, even on February 14th.

Dog ate the dinner funny valentine's day cardAvailable from @OwainsGubbins.

4. The perfect card for someone whose partner seems tough but is just a big softie at heart, kind like pit bulls.

Bulldog valentine's day cardAvailable from @DesignsLM.

5. The card for those who know it's better not to choose



valentine's day card

Available from @SiouxAlice

6. A card that gets right to the point.

Let's french funny pet valentine's day cardAvailable from @nocturnalpaper

7. The sweetest thing you can say to a rat lover.

Funny rat valentine's day cardAvailable from @SillyBadgerDesigns


8. If Valentine's Day is special for the whole family, this card is for you.

You, me, and the dogs valentine's day cardAvailable from @FeverCards

9. And the perfect card for all the realists out there.

funny pet valentine's day cardAvailable from @AnalogAgenda

Whether you prefer your Valentine's Day card to be cute and sentimental or witty and truthful, there's a gift card for you on this list. Dog cards, cat cards, even turtle cards can help you say, "I love you."

Happy Valentine's Day!


Already have an amazing pet-themed card you're giving to your partner? Share a picture of it in the comments below- we'd love to see it!

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