9 Times 'Pugkin' Can Replace All Things Pumpkin

Posted by Stacey Venzel
pugkin patch
All photos by Stacey Venzel

October has gone to the pugkins.

Pumpkins beware. Rolly polly pugs and their humans are getting creative this Halloween.

#PugLife started a wave of trending pug pun hashtags, but there's no better month to take advantage of a play on words uniting the lovable wrinkle dog and a big orange plant.

 1. It's the Great Pugkin, Charlie Brown

great pugkin charlie brown

 2. Pugkin Oreos

pugkin oreos

 3. Pugkin Pie

pugkin pie

 4. Pugkin Spice Latte

pugkin spice latte

 5. Pugkin Rolls

pugkin rolls

 6. Pugkin Soup (aka a wet pugkin)


 7. Pugkin Seeds (aka baby pugkins)

pugkin puppies

 8. Pugkin Carving


 9. Pugkin Patch

pugkin patch

And that's just a list to get your started. What else has your pugkin done to celebrate fall?

If you're looking for the perfect pumpkin getup for your pooch, look no further. Buy Costumes has a line dedicated to Halloween pets. And it's pugalicious.

Happy Pugoween, everyone!

All photos by Stacey Venzel

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9 Times 'Pugkin' Can Replace All Things Pumpkin