Shopping Season: 8 Things for Your Dogs to Wear from Etsy

Posted by Mateja Lane

I have recently joined the club of people who dress up their dogs. 

I used to laugh at people when I saw them parading their dressed-up pets around. Then we took my dog camping and the temperature dropped below freezing. I wasn't laughing anymore and decided my dog needed a jacket.

Mateja Lane

Now I just want all kinds of clothes for my furry baby.

Here are some hand-crafted articles from Etsy, because we must support our artistic fellow pet lovers.

1. Snood for Your Greyhound


Canada's GreyBabyCrochet provides snoods especially made for Greyhounds. You can buy a snood and the crochet pattern so you can make more shark snoods for your Greyhound's pals.

Some other fun snoods on this Etsy page include antlers for the holidays and crocheted collars.

2. Dog Poncho

Etsy/K9 Ponchos

K9 Ponchos make authentic blanket ponchos out of Guadalajara, Mexico. These fashionable dog accessories are hand-sewn out of serape blankets and are all different colors and patterns. You won't know what kind of blanket you get until you open your purchase!

Here's to making your dog think he is relaxing on a beach sipping a margarita when it is cold out.

3. Formal Attire

Etsy/You Had Me at Woof

You know your dog needs some formal attire for the weddings and special occasions in his life.

Luckily, You Had Me at Woof sells hand-made neckties that come wrapped in tissue paper with a nice tag. A portion of your purchase goes to SQ Rescue, Inc. in South Carolina, so not only will your pup look good, but you can feel good about buying it too.

4. Dog Scarf

Etsy/Mystical Realism

These hand-made crocheted scarves from Mystical Realism are just what your pup needs when it is frosty out.

Keep your dog cozy this winter; plus, they will feel included when you are both putting on your scarves for a walk in the snow.

5. Ear Hat

Etsy/Wuf Wuf Store

Dog's ears get cold! These ear hats from Wuf Wuf Store are like a snowsuit for your Doberman's ears.

If you want an ear hat for a dog other than a Doberman just specify and they can custom-make one for your pup.

6. Christmas Sweater


Is it time to start shopping for Christmas already? This sweater from StrongGirlClothing is a great holiday party conversation starter.

7. Pooch Bandana


Let CraftyDoods custom-make a bandana with your color, font, and state of choice. You can also have them sew something else besides HOME; maybe the dog's name?

Everyone is proud of where they come from, even your pup.

8. Dog Pants

Etsy/Mozzie Pants for Dogs

These dog pants from Mozzie Pants for Dogs are a great solution to pups who have accidents, are in heat, or are incessant markers. They also help if your dog has any surgical procedures; they are more comfortable than a cone!

Some people may scoff at your dog's outfit, but most will love it. Plus, if it keeps your pooch warm on those cold winter nights, helps avoid accidents, or just make him or her look amazing then it's worth it.

Support these craftsmen and women on Etsy and get something unique for your best friend!

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Shopping Season: 8 Things for Your Dogs to Wear from Etsy