9 Silkie Guinea Pig Hairdos to Be Envious Of

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Silkies are a guinea pig breed known for their long hair that makes them look like they just came from the salon. 

Silkie guinea pigs, also known as Shelties, are known for their long, silky hair that sweeps back from their face.

Here are nine pictures of pets who are naturally pampered.

I wish my hair would cooperate like this.

"Why no, I don't use a straightener." 

brown-and-black-silkie (1)

"I just wanted a little off the top."

Guinea Pig Portrait

"I've been growing it out."


"How cute do a look? Like, cute or really cute?"

Setiaji Pumungkas/Wordpress

Scene Two: Looks longingly out the window, straight hair billowing.

guinea pig
Right Pet

"Don't call me a Peruvian guinea pig. Do you see my hair parted?"

Canadian Cavy

"Yes, I'm a natural blonde."

Blonde Silky Guinea Pig

"I'll bet you can't guess my name. It's Mozart."

Guinea Pig Hub

Like mother, like daughter.

Pair Of Black And White Silkie Guinea Pigs

If you can guess, the biggest responsibility of Silkie guinea pig owners is hair upkeep. Unlike other long-haired guinea pigs, silkies' hair is soft to the touch and needs daily grooming and spot cleaning. Guinea pig owners also add vitamin c tablets to their diet since they don't produce the vitamin on their own.

Do you feel like you need a diva in your home? A Silkie, with their beautiful, luscious locks, makes a great pet!

What do you think about these guinea pig hairdos? Let us know in the comments below!

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9 Silkie Guinea Pig Hairdos to Be Envious Of