9 of the Cutest Veterinary Scrub Tops

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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Be the talk of the clinic with any of these animal print scrubs!

Finding the perfect scrubs that both fit your style and body can be a difficult task. They need to allow vet techs room to move and feel comfortable on the skin. They should also have ample storage space for all those syringes, pens, dog treats and calculators.

If you want to put smiles on people's faces--including your own every morning you head to that 10-hour shift--try one of these fun animal-themed options.

1. Dickies ''Everyday Scrubs' V-Neck Top' Scrub Top

vet scrubs

Bring some jungle fun to the clinic with these 65% polyester, 35% cotton poplin Dickies scrubs. Stop monkeying around and get yours for $14.87 with free shipping!

2. White Cross Rowdy Rascals Veterinary Print V-Neck Scrub Top

vet scrubs

This all-cotton V-neck navy smock has two pockets and vented sides for easy wear. Show your raccoon love for $20.95 and up.

3. White Cross Sheep Heart Veterinary Print V-Neck Scrub Top

Sport your farm pride with some fluffy sheep in this cotton, slitted, two-pocket top. Available for $19.95 and up and perfect for the best technician.

4. E. Libby Uniforms Print V-Neck Tops

vet scrubs

Don't forget the penguins this winter! Cotton with two lower-pockets, you can get yours for $12.99 and up.

5. Dreamcrest Women's Scrub Tops / Holiday Scrubs / Nursing Scrubs

vet scrubs

If you love birds, you'll want this poppin' owl top, 95% cotton and 5% spandex with two deep pockets. Buy yours for $14.99.

6. Zoe And Chloe Women's V-Neck Llama Print Scrub Top

vet scrubs

You'll be in the running for most unique scrub top wearing this llama print! With two front pockets and side vents, it's a comfy wear for $13.98 and up.

7. Cherokee Give A Dog A Bow-n V-Neck Top

Change things up with this doggy front and center, complete with an embroidered bow! This top is a polyester and cotton mix with an interior pocket behind one of the two front pockets.

Prices vary.

8. Funny Guy Mugs Scrubs Unisex Space Cats Print V-Neck Scrub Top

vet scrubsClients will be sure to comment on your funky feline galaxy quest shirt that'll cost you only $24.99. Stay warm with a matching cat space sweater, too!

9. Cherokee Scrubs Froggie-Palooza Print Top

vet scrubs

It's froggy time with these cute amphibians. Cotton with two pockets and side vents, get yours for $15.99.

Picking out veterinary scrub sets can be costly--but also lots of fun with all the different animal prints! Paired with a comfy pair of elastic waist scrub pants, you'll be excited to head to the clinic every day.

We're still holding out for that guinea pig scrub top, so if you see one, let us know!

What's the favorite medical scrub top you own? Tell us in the comments below.

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9 of the Cutest Veterinary Scrub Tops