9 Goat Shaming Pics That Prove Goats Do Whatever They Want

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Goat owners are making their pets live up to what they do best--being goats.

It started with dogs, but now pets of every shape and size--and temperament and appetite--are getting their embarrassing moments in the spotlight.

We love our barnyard animals, and we especially love shaming pics of them that define farm life to a T.

These goats are on a roll. And we know it's just the beginning.

The Kids in Time Out

The Prankster Gift Giver

The Duo with Destructive Excitement Issues


The Alternative Gardener

The Herd of Misfits

The Kid Who's Only There for the Free Food

Sherman is on roll today... #goatshaming #babygoatproblems #shermanisarockstar #goat #funnyfarm

A photo posted by Jessica Hall (@jess_a_hall) on

The Hitchhiker with a Plan


The Herd That's Just Trying to Get Through Life

The Only One Who Likes Holiday Fruit Baskets

Bad bad goat! Sorry Chad :(. #goatshaming #babygoatproblems #shermanisarockstar #goat #funnyfarm

A photo posted by Jessica Hall (@jess_a_hall) on

Goat shaming is quickly gaining in popularity. As these photos prove, goats eat everything, destroy everything, and are confused about basically everything. Yet it's for these very reasons that we love them to pieces.

Got a goat shaming pic to share? Post it to social media with the hashtags #goatshaming and #WideOpenPets. Your kid just might get some overdue stardom.

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9 Goat Shaming Pics That Prove Goats Do Whatever They Want