9 Dwarf Hotot Rabbits That Just Get You

Posted by Kat Tretina
Dwarf Hotot Rabbits

Dwarf Hotot Rabbits are some of the most striking breeds of bunnies. But they also have plenty of attitude and can match your every mood.

Dwarf Hotot Rabbits, sometimes called the "eye of the fancy" for their distinctive markings, are known for their ridiculous levels of cuteness. From their little size to their dark, eye-shadow coloring, they are distinct and unique among bunnies. Their tiny size makes them great companions, as they can be easily held just in one hand.

They are also incredible playful, mischievous, and full of personality. Intelligent and always coming up with new ways to entertain themselves, they are fun and active pets that will keep you laughing.

Here are nine dwarf hotot rabbits that just get you, you know?

The Little Lady Just Waiting for That Phone Call

dwarf hotot rabbits

It could be a job interview, it could be that guy she met; whoever it is, this girl is not leaving anything to chance.

The Little Guy Who Just... Can't... Even 

Dwarf Hotot Rabbits
My House Rabbit

We've all had one of those days, and he's clearly over it.

The Bae Who Woke up Like This (Sort Of)

Dwarf Hotot Rabbits
Pet Peoples' Place

Filters can work magic, but you need to make sure the raw material is looking good.

The Bunny Who is Ready to Slay Tonight

Dwarf Hotot Rabbits
Pipers Base

Watch out, hares of the world, she's got this.

The Rabbit Whose Eyeshadow Game Is on Point

Dwarf Hotot Rabbits
Trickster Hares

This young lady doesn't need any YouTube tutorials; she owns this.

The Little Guy Who Always Gets What He Wants

Dwarf Hotot Rabbits
Cute Overload

Who could resist that face?

This Girl Who Knows How to Accessorize

Dwarf Hotot Rabbits
Petz Lover

Plaid is going to be huge this fall.

This Guy Who Just Wants to Unwind with Some Playstation

Dwarf Hotot Rabbits

It's been a long day.

And This Dwarf Hotot Rabbit Who Just Wants to Netflix and Chill

Dwarf Hotot Rabbits
Emily's Hoppin Hotots

You have to unwind, somehow.

Dwarf Hotot Rabbits are mini bundles of cute! If you are looking to add a little rabbit to your family, make sure to bunny-proof your house and look into the right breed for you.

Do you have a Hotot rabbit? Show us in the comments below!

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9 Dwarf Hotot Rabbits That Just Get You