9 Dogs Sporting Raincoats in Time for Fall Showers

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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Rain, rain, don't go away! These raincoat pooches are here to play!

These bow-wows don't let seasonal showers stop them from romping outside. When the weather report calls for cloudy skies, they bust out their waterproof wardrobe.

Who wouldn't want to see city streets and hiking trails filled with pampered pooches in colorful jackets? Apparently, yellow raincoats in particular are all the rage.

Check out these dogs sporting raincoats and taking the weather by storm.

"It is a bit chilly out."

"I'll bet I'm drier than you are."

"But I'm not ready to get out of the rain yet."

"I explore come rain or shine."

"A little downpour never stopped us."

"I'm ready for all things water."

"Bring on the monsoon!"

I don't love the rain, but at least I look good in this outfit ??

A photo posted by Daphne Lutspeich (@delightfullydaphne) on

"Rain only makes my adventures greener!"

"Blue is totally my color."

In particularly wet seasons or geographic regions, a doggy raincoat can leave less of a muddy mess for you to clean up when you and your canine get back home. It also adds a layer of warmth to your pup.

Some dogs, like Labrador Retrievers, have nearly waterproof fur. But they can still catch a chill if out in the rain for a long time, and so a rain jacket can keep them extra dry.

Plus, a dog in a raincoat is doggone cute.

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9 Dogs Sporting Raincoats in Time for Fall Showers