9 Dogs Eating Ice Cream and Trying to Mind Their Manners

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Summertime for dogs means lots--and lots and lots--of ice cream!

Some canines wait for the ice cream truck. Others are not so patient, forget their manners, and just rely on their owners to give them a treat to beat the summer heat.

Dogs love ice cream so much, companies have started making goodies just for pooches. Doting owners have even set to whipping up some homemade pupcream.

In case you're wondering just how much dogs love ice cream, here's a hodgepodge of bow-wows chowing down.

The Pugalier Who Will Dirty the Floor But Not Her Clothes

The Irish Terrier Who Forgets Sophistication When a Cone Is Waved in His Face

We topped off the day by sharing a very good treat. #irishterrierlovers #dogsandicecream

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The Dachshund Who Bow-Wowed for a Sundae

The Maltese with Italian Taste

The Lab Who Is Cross-Eyed for Sugar Cones

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The German Shepherd Who Will Lick Everything in His Path to Soft Serve

The Pit Bull Who Repeats the Mantra, "Patience Is a Virtue"

My first trip to DQ!! #bullylove #icecream #dogsandicecream #pitbull #pitsofinstagram #pitstop

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The Corgi Who Won't Let That Cone Out of Sight But It Is Melting So For Pete's Sake, Hurry Up

The Jack Russell Who Can Only Say Please So Many Times

While your furry friend might enjoy a cool snack, ice cream isn't necessarily the best snack for a dog. But canines are opportunistic feeders, and ice cream does taste delicious, so a little bit is okay from time to time.

Just be sure not to give your dog a brain freeze! It might look cute but it can actually cause him harm.

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9 Dogs Eating Ice Cream and Trying to Mind Their Manners