9 Derpiest Dogs of 2017

Posted by Mateja Lane
Funny amstaff dog with crazy eyes flying in the air

2017 saw a lot of derps. 

In the most anticipated countdown post, here we compiled our top 9 derpiest dogs of 2017. We saw the funniest chickens of the year, laughed at the top 11 goat videos, and reminisced on the most touching animal rescues we saw in 2017.

Now we go into the humorous world of owning dogs with the derpiest posts of 2017.

Check these doofuses out.

9. Derpy Bulldog


This Bulldog puppy made our #9 most derpy doggy with his adorable temper tantrum.

Watch the derpy puppy here.

8. Derpy Hunting Pups

hunting dogs

These pups may be sleek and savvy when they're older, in the field hunting with their owners, but for now they just look confused.

Check out these 12 derpy pups here.

7. Cone of Shame Derps

cone of shame

Lucky for you, a lot of our top nine derpy dogs are lists of derps! That means you get bonus derpiness!

These dogs trying to make the best of their cones of shame are derpy by default. Get better soon, pups! See the derpy dogs in cones of shame here.

6. Sorry Derps

sorry dog

Another list for you! These sorry dogs are post-derpy and are sorry for their derpiness. They really didn't mean to...

See how apologetic these funny dogs are here.

5. Derpy Surprised Mom

dog with puppies


Everyone was surprised when Rosie's puppies came out spotted, even Rosie! The mama's face was pure derpiness when she saw her pups.

Read the story here.

4. Memes of Derpiness

dog memes

Memes just capture our four-legged friends' derpiness perfectly

Check out 10 memes that represent our derpy dogs here.

3. Derpy Dogs and Baby Animals


These dogs went full derp when they were presented with baby animals ranging from turtles to hedgehogs to ducklings.

Watch baby animals bring the derp out of these dogs here.

2. Derpiest Food Catching Dog


This dog showed his ultimate derpiness when he proved he can't catch any type of food in his mouth.

Watch him get hit by everything from donuts to burgers here.

1. Denture Derp

denture dog

This dog wins our derpiest dog of the year. Pandora went digging in the yard and came back with old dentures.

Read this disgustingly hilarious story here.

Dogs keep us on our toes with their hilarious antics. These nine derpy dogs kept us laughing all year and we can't wait for more funny dogs in 2018.

Stay tuned all week for our 12 Top Stories of 2017. Next up are the top cat stories of the year!

Who was your favorite derp of the year? Tell us in the comments below. 

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9 Derpiest Dogs of 2017